Cognitive City Platform as Digital Public Infrastructure for Developing a Smart, Sustainable and Resilient City in Indonesia

In conjunction with the rapid pace of urbanization, cities across the globe are encountering several issues about environmental management, social welfare, and economic growth. These issues led to the development of the smart city concept. The notion of a smart city encompasses the integration of human beings as valuable social entities, engaging with infrastructure and technology to foster economic development within a conducive environment. The concept of a smart city is to establish a cohesive and interlinked system wherein individuals, technology, and the environment coexist harmoniously to foster economic advancement, environmental sustainability, and an enhanced standard of living for all inhabitants.

In order to address these constraints, it is imperative to transition towards cognitive and networked systems. A cognitive approach could be implemented using an integrated platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze data and generate well-informed judgments in real time. This approach would facilitate the advancement of proactive, adaptive, and holistic urban management, thereby linking smart city projects with the overarching objectives of sustainability and resilience.

The presence of intelligence within a city is insufficient to address all prevailing problems and difficulties. Therefore, an additional element is required, as more than the mere incorporation of information and communication technology is required. Instead, a city must cultivate adaptability, proactivity, and predictiveness. Establishing an adaptive, proactive, and predictive urban environment necessitates a foundation rooted in sustainability and resilience. The objective of sustainability is to establish a city that achieves economic growth through effective resource management while enhancing its residents’ well-being.

Consequently, it necessitates the capacity to mitigate, endure, and recuperate from such disruptions or calamities. In order to address the issues mentioned above, a proposal is put out for implementing a cognitive city platform. This platform aims to meet the unmet requirements for digital platform support within a smart city platform, enabling the realization of an adaptable, proactive, and predictive urban environment.