Research Team

Prof. Dr. Ir. Suhono Harso Supangkat, M.Eng.

Head of SCCIC

Dr. Fadhil Hidayat, S.Kom., M.T.

Deputy Head I

Prof. Ir. Haryo Winarso, M.Eng., Ph.D.

Deputy Head II

Dr. Ir. Arry Akhmad Arman, M.T.

Coordinator I

I Gusti Bagus Baskara Nugraha, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.

Coordinator II

Dr. Fetty Fitriyanti Lubis, S.T., M.T.


Prof. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng., Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Dwina Roosmini, M.S.


Dr. Eng. Puspita Dirgahayani, S.T., M.Eng.


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Santi Novani, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D.


Dr. tech. Wikan Danar Sunindyo, S.T., M.Sc.


Dr. Hendra Sandhi Firmansyah, S.T., M.T.


PhD Students

Okyza Maherdy Prabowo

Research about Cognitive Cities

Radiant Victor Imbar

Research about Smart Campus

Ade Chandra Nugraha

Research about Track Irregularity Detection

Andrew Brian Osmond

Research about E-Commerce Product Recommendation

Ayu Latifah

Research about Digital Twin for Smart Building

Adiyasa Nurfalah

Research about Maritime Tactical Data System

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Ahmad Ali Hakam Dani

Research about Digital Twin Data Visualization

Noor Falih

Research about Robotic Process Automation


Research about Tactical Radio Network

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Muhammad Arief

Research about Intrusion Detection System

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Davy Ronald Hermanus

Research about Multi-Drone Systems

Dani Ramdani

Research about Digital Twin for Smart Maintenance

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Yusuf Ayuba

Research about Mobility as a Service

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Iqbal Santosa

Research about Smart City Services

Andi Nugroho

Research about Central Bank Digital Currency

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Mindit Eryadi

Research about City Sensing

Hastie Audytra

Research about Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Gitarja Sandi

Research about Smart Healthcare