Digital Twin for Roads and Bridges

By: Suhono Harso Supangkat, Fadhil Hidayat, Agustinus Bambang Setyadji, Taqia Rahman (UGM), Mukhammad Rizka Fahmi Amrozi (UGM), Sony Hartono Wijaya (IPB), Sri Wahjuni (IPB), Reyes Garcia (University of Warwick), Irwanda Laory (University of Warwick), Ayu Latifah, Ahmad Ali Hakam Dani, Noor Falih, Yusuf Ayuba, Iswandaru Widyatmoko (AECOM)

Research on Digital Twin technology for road and bridge infrastructure has emerged due to several compelling reasons. Roads and bridges are integral to our daily lives and economic progress. However, the increasing complexity of this infrastructure brings challenges related to efficient monitoring, maintenance, and development. It is crucial to enhance our approaches to managing and maintaining these vital components to maximize their benefits for society and the economy. This research is the result of collaboration between several prestigious institutions both in Indonesia and abroad, including Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), and Warwick University in the United Kingdom. Each researcher contributes their expertise in their respective fields to produce high-quality research in the development of this technology.

Digital Twin technology emerges as a promising solution. It enables the creation of virtual versions of roads and bridges that accurately reflect real-world conditions. This opens opportunities for better monitoring, more efficient maintenance, and smarter decision-making. However, in practice, the utilization of Digital Twin technology in road and bridge infrastructure remains limited, and there is a need to bridge this gap. This is the primary motivation for our research – to facilitate the wider adoption of Digital Twin technology in the management of roads and bridges.

A significant achievement of this research is the development of an innovative platform for monitoring the condition of roads and bridges in one area of West Java Province, serving as a case study. This platform enables real-time monitoring of these crucial infrastructures, providing valuable data for more efficient maintenance and development. An international webinar was organized to share findings and experiences with experts and practitioners from around the world. Furthermore, some of the research findings have been published in articles in reputable international conferences and journals, and steps have been taken to protect these findings through intellectual property rights. Comparative studies with Warwick University in the U.K. have also provided valuable insights into the development of Digital Twin technology. It is our hope that the discoveries and innovations resulting from this Digital Twin research will make a positive contribution to the development of road and bridge infrastructure in Indonesia and around the world.

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