Video Analytics with Artificial Intelligence (VIANA)

VIANA Plat Number Recognition

A system that uses cameras to detect and record numbers on vehicle plates. This system is usually used for traffic surveillance, security monitoring and vehicle owner data collection. This can help improve efficiency in traffic monitoring and help overcome problems such as congestion, leaks and accidents.

VIANA Platform Mobility

A system that uses cameras to perform mobility analysis. This system is usually used to monitor and analyze traffic activities, including the number of vehicles, speed, routes and time. This information can then be used to understand mobility patterns and make informed decisions about traffic management, road infrastructure and public transport.

VIANA Railway Crossing

Application of offloading computing for detection of violation objects at level crossings. The system will detect whether the railroad crossing is open or closed. Then, if the door bar is closed, it will detect that it is closed, it will detect the violations that have occurred.

VIANA Safe & Secure

Advanced encryption and authentication technology, VIANA Safe and Secure can ensure that the information and video data collected remains confidential and is not open to unauthorized parties. This is important for many applications, such as surveillance, security monitoring, and performance analysis, where security and privacy of information are critical.

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