Regional Training on Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Cities transform to be smart cities uses digital technologies and means in order to improve the Quality of Life of its citizens and the efficiency of its urban operation and services as well as its competitiveness while preserving the needs of future generations at the economic, social, environmental and cultural levels.

Smart Cities technologies, applications and services feature many outstanding advantages for cities and their assets, services and citizens such as :

  • Education, health and administration
  • Energy efficiency
  • Operation and transparency of the urban infrastructure
  • Resilience of cities’ road and transport networks
  • Efficiency of cities’ water distribution systems
  • Cities’ wastewater management
  • Cities’ Security

Covid-19 pandemic has been very instrumental in the acceleration of the widespread deployment and adoption worldwide of many smart cities services and applications to mitigate the disruptive impact of this pandemic on citizens’ health and on their different activities such as work, education, business, etc.

In the framework of its strategy aiming to develop smart cities initiatives within its member states to contribute to the prosperity and welfare of the Islamic World, ICESCO organizes the Regional Training on Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities in partnership with Smart City and Community Innovation Center in Bandung, Indonesia between 24th and 28th October 2022 in hybrid mode : in-person (Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia) and virtual.

This training workshop will feature several events involving many smart cities’ experts and stakeholders from government, academia, industry and NGOs from around the ICESCO member states and from worldwide, namely:

  • International Workshop on Resilient Sustainable Smart Cities: One-day hybrid event in partnership with IEEE and other international organizations presenting the global trends in terms of key initiatives, standards, best practices, etc. for Resilient Sustainable Smart Cities.
  • Resilient Sustainable Smart Cities Training Workshop: Three-days hybrid training workshops that will cover several issues and aspects related to SC planning, governance, funding, KPIs, etc.Visit to Bandung and Jakarta Living Labs: It could be organized for in-person participants during one day to allow them to visit main facilities of the 2 living labs

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